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What's new in the Law - February 2009

President Barack Obama in his address to a joint session of Congress Monday,
Obama made it clear that he was aware of the sentiment and cast the banking
bailout as a needed remedy to help families and small businesses.

President Barack Obama is calling on Congress to pass strong financial sector
regulation and oversight to prevent future crises and restore "accountability,
transparency and trust in our financial markets."

The Law Office of Steven A. Stickles, Esq. is dedicated to providing quality legal
representation to the people of Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio in the
most convenient manner possible.  These pages will help explain the services
offered by the Law Office of Steven A. Stickles, Esq. including the preparation of
Wills and Living Wills, Contract Negotiation, Estate Planning, Family Law, Divorce
Law and Criminal Law.  Please feel free to browse the contents of these pages.  If
you feel that The Law Office of Steven A. Stickles, Esq. can be of service, please
feel free to contact us directly or complete the form on the "Contact Us" page of this

Attorney Steven A. Stickles is an experienced Trial Lawyer
and we all know how stressful a legal entanglement can
be, whether it’s a criminal prosecution or a family lawsuit.
In such difficult situations, you take a tremendous risk if
you don’t have solid legal counsel and representation at
your side.

Attorney Steven A. Stickles handles all types of serious
state crimes with particular specialization in defending
drug charges and violent crimes.

If you or someone you know has been (or may be)
charged with an offense, we encourage you to call now.
Early intervention is critical to our mutual success.

Attorney Steven A. Stickles has developed the most
innovative, aggressive and dynamic defense strategies to
protect his clients' rights.

Your constitutional rights include:

Right to a Lawyer
Right to Cross Examine and Confront Witnesses
Right to Testify on One's Own Behalf
Right to Remain Silent
Right to Speedy Trial
Right to Use Courts Subpoena Power to Compel
Witnesses to Testify
Right to a Jury Trial (in Most Cases)
Presumption of Innocence
The Law Office of Steven A. Stickles offers a complete range of services and a time
that fits into
your schedule.  We offer document preparation including Wills, Living
Wills, Estate Planning and other services in a manner that makes working with a
lawyer easy.  Serving Western Pennsylvanians for the past five years, and now
serving Eastern Ohio,  Attorney Steven A. Stickles, Esq. offers metropolitan style
service in an Ohio Valley manner.

The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should
consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation. You may contact the Law
Office of Steven A. Stickles at 740-282-4922.

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